At Livy and Lana, setting young girls up for confidence and success is our biggest priority. Getting her first bra is a milestone in any young girl’s life. It is a big part of the beginning of the journey to adulthood. This is a beautiful and exciting time, but can also be a stressful and confusing one. Here are some reasons why we think it’s important for all young woman to be able to look back at their first bra-shopping experience with joy! 

Start Your Daughter’s Puberty Journey Off On The Right Foot 

It’s so important that young girls feel supported on their journey into womanhood in every way. Young girls get so many negative messages about their bodies from social media, pop culture, and society in general. It’s very easy for them to feel as if they are weird, not keeping up with their friends, or just not as good as other girls in a variety of ways. 

During these formative years, you have to make sure your daughter knows that she is beautiful, powerful, valid, and does not need to compete with others. Make her first bra-shopping experience fun, empowering, and something that she can look back on with a smile. Set a positive tone so she feels more comfortable going through all of life’s big changes and phases.    

Throw Away The Stigmas Associated With Women’s Bodies 

Women’s bodies are amazing for so many reasons. However, many of the very natural processes and experiences we go through as we grow have been stigmatized or sexualized. This can lead to many young girls feeling anxious, unhappy, and confused as their bodies start to change. Many young girls feel “grossed out” by their own bodies, which is something that we think needs to change! 

The good news is that, as parents, we have the power to change all of that! Celebrate your daughter’s growth and help her embrace it. Use her first bra shopping experience as a way to make her feel better about herself and all of her body’s changes. Show her that it’s not difficult at all, and just a natural part of life. 

A Bonding Experience 

During puberty, many kids start to pull away from their parents and want to be more and more independent. However, they need their emotional support more than ever during this difficult and confusing time. 

Your daughter’s first bra shopping experience can be an opportunity for you to show that you support her and are there for her. Whether kids show it or not, they need and appreciate this sort of thing. Your daughter will definitely remember it for the rest of her life.    

Make Positive Memories With Livy And Lana 

At Livy and Lana, we make ethical USA-made high-quality bras. Our Buttercup bra is perfect for girls who need comfort and coverage while staying cute and age-appropriate. We hope to be a part of making young girls feel comfortable and confident from the start, so they can blossom into amazing women! 



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