The Comfy Buttercup Bra

Designed by our Client
Our Buttercup bra was created by girls, for girls, with all of their needs in mind. The bra includes comfort, coverage, and wash-ability. It supports a girl as she grows, and is ethically made from sustainable materials. We are proud it is made in the USA, supporting American women and families. Read more about our signature bra.


A Slow Fashion Brand
After months of research, TENCEL™, organic cotton was the fabric of choice. It is a big deal for a few reasons. We wanted not only to make a comfortable and high-quality bra that can hold up through wash, wear, and play but an entirely ethical one.

When it comes to clothing fabrication and processing, things can get complicated. What does that mean? Manufacturers in the "fast fashion" industry often put workers in poor conditions and pay unfair wages to increase profit. The materials these companies choose can be fabricated or sourced in a way that damages our environment. 

That’s why Livy and Lana is a "slow fashion" brand. We love TENCEL™, a sustainably sourced material derived from the ethical harvesting of raw wood. The fibers are strong, moisture-wicking, and gentle, even on the most sensitive skin.  



Supporting Families
At Livy and Lana, creating a high-quality product was not enough. We wanted to initiate something good for females of all ages. We selected the woman-owned Clothier Design Source as our manufacturer. Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, they employ over 90% women and pay a fair wage. When you purchase a Buttercup bra from Livy and Lana, you support American manufacturing, women, girls, and their families.


The Fit and Feel

Our bras give girls the coverage and comfort they want and need. The Buttercup bra has two layers of stretchy, soft organic TENCEL™ cotton to provide age-appropriate coverage. The attractive sweetheart neckline ensures girls don’t have to sacrifice feeling cute for comfort. 




Our unique butterfly non-slip band prevents ride-up. The straps of our bras are silky and feel lovely against the skin. In addition, these strong, adjustable straps allow our bras to grow with the wearer.

Her First Bra
For many girls, buying their first bra is an exciting experience that marks the start of their transition into womanhood. Livy and Lana, wants to support and empower girls during this special time. 


We make our bras for comfort and coverage, but most of all, they are designed to make young girls feel confident and comfortable as they go about their day. They come in four colors and four sizes. You can buy them in our Middleburg, Virginia shop, or from this site.

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