If your little girl has come to you asking for a bra, it may have hit you totally out of nowhere. After all, our kids grow up fast. While it's lovely to see them blossom into adults, certain milestones can be very emotional or even tricky to navigate. 

Make Shopping for Her First Bra a Bonding Experience

I'm here to tell you that getting your daughter her first bra doesn't have to be difficult. If your daughter has asked for a bra, then she is ready and will likely be enthusiastic and excited to get her first one with your support.

You have an opportunity to show up for her and do your best. If you feel uncomfortable or like you will do something wrong, that is understandable.  However, just being there for your daughter and acknowledging her needs sends a positive, empowering message. It also tells her that you will always be there for her. There is no downside.

Avoid These Mistakes 

Many dads will take their daughter to a place like Walmart or Target for their first bras with no real plan and quickly become overwhelmed. That is because each store has countless options, and most of them are not appropriate for children. Depending on how developed your daughter is, she may not fit into the vast majority of their products.   

You want your daughter to have a positive bra shopping experience. It can be upsetting for many young girls when a new type of clothing does not fit even though it is the clothing's fault and not their own. You don't want her to get frustrated by trying on many things and finding nothing. 

For most young girls, a sports or training bra will do fine for their first time. Aim for comfort and simplicity rather than padding and lace.

Have Some Basic Information

Know the measurements. Refer to the chart on our sizing page. Have your daughter take her measurements and help if she needs assistance. Having the proper size in advance will allow you to shop online as well as an in-store trip.

Ask her what she likes about her clothes now. What are her favorite colors, patterns, or materials? Most important than that is getting something in a high-quality material that will feel good against her skin. Many "first" bras are made with scratchy, sub-par materials that fray after a few washes.  

Start Her Bra Shopping Journey Right

Livy and Lana make high-quality, ethically sourced, and produced bras. Each one is sewn by women paid fair wages right here in the USA.

Our Buttercup bra was designed by Livy and Lana, two girls dissatisfied with the bras they had to chose from. Our signature no-ride Buttercup is perfect for girls who crave comfort and coverage while being cute, age-appropriate, and in four fun colors.

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