Confident Girl ~ Confident Woman

Our mission is to offer young girls bras that provide comfort and coverage while promoting confidence, our 3Cs. Together with parents, we will encourage their girls to celebrate this time of change and development.



When Lana and Livy couldn't find a bra they liked, they decided to design their own. The journey was a team effort spanning two years.

Kayse, their grandmother "Nana," asked them to make a list of likes and dislikes about the bras they currently wore. They created a list and began drawing designs. They were the prime target audience and set about designing, trying out fabrics, and even sewing designs.

Their proud mom became the girls number one cheerleader, encouraging their initiative.

As the designs moved ahead, Kayse, founder of Le Boudoir the bra fit experts in Middleburg, Virginia, drew on her experience working with lingerie manufacturers to find the perfect fit. She needed a company in the United States, sensitive to their workers, with an appreciation for entrepreneurs, and above all able to produce the finest garments.

Kayse traveled from Virginia to Minnesota to oversee the process. "It was fun to see Olivia's and Ellena's drawings, many drawings, become an innovative product for their peers,"  says Kayse.

Their mom says "This is the definition of empowerment, fueled by family ties."


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